Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration

Smartphone integration consists of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this means you can use your smartphone in a simple and safe way in the car.

The technology allows you to control the functions in your smartphone, using the voice function, the steering wheel controls or the car's touch display.

By integrating your smartphone with the car's functions, it is easier to write text messages, make calls and navigate. Smartphone integration also supports other applications that have been downloaded to your smartphone, such as Spotify.1

Thanks to the voice function included in Smartphone integration, you can keep fully focused on the road. The voice function helps you not only to read and write text messages, but also to call contacts in the phonebook via voice control.

To use the map application you can either enter the destination on the car's touch display or state the destination via the voice function.

Function differences may occur between Apple and Android.

Certain applications sometimes require purchase of a subscription in order to work.

Volvo is not responsible for the content/functions in the following applications.

Full coverage of the 3/4G network cannot be guaranteed.

The speed of internet connections can vary.

Android Auto can only be used in combination with some Android Smartphones.

In order to use Android Auto, it is required that an application is downloaded to your smartphone. The application can be downloaded from Google Play.

For more information about which markets support Android Auto:

Apple CarPlay can only be used in combination with iPhone model 5 or later.

The latest iOS version is recommended, but CarPlay requires iOS 8 or later.

Does not work for iPad or iPod.

To use the Siri voice function, the function must be activated in your iPhone. The function is supported in a limited number of languages and countries. Contact Apple for more information.

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