Easy access rearward facing child seat i-Size

Easy access rearward facing child seat i-Size

For newborns to up to 18 kg and 40-105 cm in height. The supplied baby insert must be used for newborns, which is specially designed to give support for the very smallest. Volvo recommends that children travel rear facing in cars until at least 3-4 years of age.

With the child seat's unique headrest and deep side supports the child not only travels in comfort but also safely.

In order to easily lift your child in and out, the child seat has a swivel function that allows it to rotate outwards, towards the car door. The child seat angle can be adjusted to six positions. This allows an optimum angle for all Volvo models. Volvo recommends that the seat should be more upright, the larger the child is.

The elegant and unique Volvo upholstery is manufactured in 80% wool, which means that your child sits very comfortably in the seat. Wool is not just a strong, soft and natural material, but it also has very good characteristics in terms of maintaining an even and comfortable temperature.

Thanks to excellent breathability, the wool helps your child to adjust body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. The luxurious upholstery also matches the car's interior very well.

As always when it comes to Volvo, no compromise on safety has been made, which means that the seat meets Volvo's stringent safety requirements.

The child is securely seated thanks to a 5-point harness system.

The child seat is installed using the car's ISOFIX.



i-Size is part of a new regulation introduced in 2013 (UN R129) that covers child seats installed using ISOFIX.

i-Size means that the installation options for the child seat are fewer and the risk of incorrect mounting reduced. An i-Size approved child seat ensures that the seat can be universally used in cars with i-Size approved locations.

The design of i-Size child seats in the new regulations is based on the length of the child instead of weight. There are new requirements regarding side collisions in the new regulations.


Must not be installed in the front seat if the car is fitted with an activated passenger airbag.

Brand: Volvo
Product Code: 32204747
Weight: 15kg