V40 Exterior Styling Kit

V40 Exterior Styling Kit

A styling kit that really makes the car stand out from the crowd and gives the customer the ability to personalise their car to a more dynamic design, while optimising the air resistance.

All parts, except end pipes, double, are made of high quality plastic and painted according to the same stringent requirements as the rest of the car's exterior. The complete kit is also wind tunnel tested during development to ensure that high speed characteristics are further improved and that air resistance is optimised to the maximum.

Exterior Styling Kit contains the following products:

1. Deflectors, side & rear

Consisting of four separate parts, installed in front of and behind the rear wheel housings, which together improves the car's aerodynamics and optimises air resistance. Deflectors are offered in all exterior colours and also in a new dynamic colour, Dark grey matt,, which is designed to be combined with all exterior colours. Suitable for all model variants, but cannot be combined with rear mudflaps.

2. Stripe kit

The stripe kit is a styling element that is applied to Deflectors, side & rear and allows for a more personal design. Three different colours: red, white and lime green. These colours follow the graphic colours on "Ailos" rim, which together create an overall personal design. An accompanying table shows which stripe colour is recommended by Volvo's designers for each exterior colour, see below.

3. Diffuser

One important detail that replaces the rear originally installed bumper diffuser and which further optimises the car's already excellent aerodynamics. Equipped with a number of "aero-fins" to create an optimum airflow and reduce the vortices created behind the car. The diffuser is offered exterior colour painted, or in the dynamic colour, Dark grey matt, which is designed to be combined with all exterior colours. Always combined with end pipes, double (see below).

+ Double end pipes

Oval twin end pipes in exclusive polished chromed stainless steel that further enhance the car's dynamic and modern aero-design. Suitable for all engine versions and always and only combined with Diffuser.

​​​​​​​Note. Not suitable for R-Design

Brand: Volvo
Product Code: 39845792