V40 Load Compartment Organiser

V40 Load Compartment Organiser

This versatile accessory combines two products into one. It can be used as a protective mat and as a load organiser with three aluminium dividers. A stylish, plastic protective mat that is shaped to the load compartment. It has raised edges that effectively prevent dirt, water and other fluids from leaking into the load compartment.

Also helps keep the load compartment clean and tidy and makes it possible to divide the load compartment.

The aluminium dividers have a number of different settings and are used to organise things such as suitcases, shopping bags etc. Those that are not used have a fixed position which does not affect the mat's function or the use of the load compartment

Facts and advantages
  • Efficiently protects the load compartment from moisture and dirt.
  • Shaped to fit the load compartment floor.
  • Anti-slip plastic mat.
  • Easy for the customer to clean and install.
  • Divides the load compartment and separates loads.
  • Helps to keep things organised in the load compartment.
  • Adjustable for different loads.
  • Several different positions for the aluminium dividers.
  • Volvo marked.
  • Load floor, two-level gives a high load floor.
MPN: 31305885 or 31332192
Brand: Volvo
Product Code: 31305885
Weight: 2.1kg