V60 Dog Gate

V60 Dog Gate

The dog gate is a very practical accessory for all dog owners. It is fitted in the load compartment and prevents the dog from jumping out from the car when the tailgate is opened.

One or two dog compartments can be created in combination with the protective grille and load compartment divider, with a gate mounted on the left or right hand side or on both sides. The gate is very easy to open, shut and remove from the car.

This item must be combined with dog guard & cargo compartment divider.

Facts and advantages
  • Easy to install.
  • Safe and secure travel for your dog.
  • Meets Volvo's stringent collision safety requirements.
  • Volvo marked.
  • Lockable (2x keys included).​​​​​​​
MPN: 31339008/30756676/31339868
Brand: Volvo
Product Code: 31414213
Weight: 4kg