V70 / XC70 Dirt cover, load compartment, fully covering

V70 / XC70 Dirt cover, load compartment, fully covering

A practical protector for the cargo compartment that covers the floor and side walls of the cargo compartment plus the rear of the rear seats. Made from durable, dirt-resistant vinyl. 

Provides very efficient and fully covering protection of the cargo compartment when transporting dirty loads. The bumper can also be protected when loading and unloading as the extension on the rear edge of the dirt cover can be folded out. 

The protector has a separation for the back part so that the rear seat backs can be lowered independently of each other. Good if you have a long load, for example. 

The protector is easy to use and is simple to secure and remove. It is secured using elastic straps around the head restraints and with press-studs, which are screwed to the side panel.

Facts and advantages

  • Efficiently protects the cargo compartment from moisture and dirt
  • Delivered in a handy storage bag
  • Made of durable and dirt tolerant vinyl
  • Parts of the cargo compartment cover can be folded over the rear bumper as a dirt cover when loading.
Brand: Volvo
Product Code: 31373805
Weight: 2.2kg