V70 / XC70 Load compartment divider, longitudinal

V70 / XC70 Load compartment divider, longitudinal

A steel cargo compartment separator enables you to separate the cargo compartment longitudinally and so have two cargo compartments in one. You can for example separate dirty or fragile cargo from other cargo. 

This accessory is also very useful for dog owners for example, as the grille makes it possible to transport a dog separate from other luggage. The cargo compartment separator is installed together with the protective grille.

Facts and advantages

  • Same design as the protective grille
  • Collapse function, which means that the cargo compartment separator is collision tested and cannot penetrate the passenger compartment.
  • Installed with the steel protective grille
  • Very easy to assemble and dismantle
Brand: Volvo
Product Code: 30721881
Weight: 4.7kg